This game is really something else, and I recommend any GC owners purchase this game A.S.A.P

User Rating: 9.5 | Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door GC
To start off i'll touch on the outstanding gameplay for Paper Mario: TTYD. The battle system used in this game is very interesting and intruiging. Some RPG's battles get annoying, and boring but i've not had this problem at all so far which is a great aspect of the game. There is puzzles that must be solved in this game in order to earn all sorts of things, and riddles and quizzes all thrown in. There all many cool things that Mario can do in this game and the overall gameplay of Paper Mario: TTYD is outstanding. The paper effect works very well, and the game looks crisp. I have to applaud to 2D graphics for working without problem, because you don't see much of 2D anymore. Even though I have seen better graphics before, the graphics in this game still provide enough to satisfy. The is some old school Mario tunes in here, and some new stuff that can be heard throughout the game. The music during battles sometimes gets repitive but the overall music for this game is great. I can't get enough of this game, and even as I am typing this review I want to rush back to the gamecube to turn it on and play this wonderful game. The characters are great, and full of life, the overall feel of the game is amazing, and the storyline is perfect. Even for someone not too into RPG's will probably really enjoy this game, because there is a lot to be found here, and Mario fan's like me are in for a HUGE treat. The bottom line is that all gamecube owners shouldn't pass up the opportunity to play Paper Mario: TTYD and its just a pleasure to have in your collection.