Viewtiful Joe makes his debut on the DS!

Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble is a 3-D, side-scrolling, cell shaded, fun, and unique game that makes good use of the DS's touch screen without over using it. Viewtiful Joe lets you play as Joe, a super hero (he's not really super but nevertheless). He can do things that your remote control can do while you watch a movie such as slow down, speed up, and zoom in. He uses these powers to beat up the bad guys and save the day. Being on the DS allows the game to give Joe new powers. They involve you touching the screen to make cool attacks. These abilities take some time to get used to but it controls well. The game is sort of short but the levels are challenging so you may have to replay levels over and over again until you finally beat them. The graphics are amazing. The cell shading was done very nicely and the scenery isn't bad either. The voices can get annoying but the sound effects are good. This is another great Viewtiful Joe game, but gamers looking for a long lasting game won't find one here.