Its ingenious stage battling and humurous storyline make this one definitely one of the greatest games for the Gamecube

User Rating: 9.3 | Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door GC
The Good: Humorous storyline, great battle system, and tons of items badges and attacks

The Bad: WAY to much talking. Bad replay value, basicly once you beat the game theres not that much left to do. Not as many characters, should have been more. First Thoughts: I loved the original Paper Mario and as soon as I heard about this one man was I excited. Get ready for an awsome RPG with Mario.

Gameplay: The gameplay has upgraded significantly from the original Paper Mario. Now you have to do more button combinations which is Awesome. There is a stage system as well. You level up by gaining star points and when you get to a certain level your stage gets upgraded and your awarded with a bigger audience. Well how does that matter you ask? Every time you beat a boss you get a crystal star and a new technique. To do these crystal star moves you must give up star power to fill your metre. When the audience likes your technique they award you with star power. So the more fancy you are, the more your awarded with star power. The stage interaction is great. If a person in the audience is about to hit you with a can, you can get off the stage and whack him with a hammer. Also buckets fall from the ceiling and can hit either you or your enemy.You basicly move around exploring and when you touch an enemy your battle begins. Very straight forward RPG.

Graphics: The graphics are unbelievable. PERFECT use of book theme. Press a switch and the screen flips pages and a platform is created.

Sound: Sound is fine. Classic Mario music and more. Won't get into to that to much.

Value: This is my only problem with the game. Once you beat the game theres not that much else to do. Some might say the Pit of hundred Trials is something you can do but its so long and I can't waste my time with that. You can't even save i the middle of it.

The Bottom Line: If your looking for an awesome RPG pick this one up. Its a slow start and they talk to much in the beginning but as the game starts to unfold it starts to show its true colours. Remember don't judge a book by its cover.