This game is funny. It's the best RPG game I've ever played.

User Rating: 9 | Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door GC
Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door is fantastic. Here is a list of the good things and bad things of Paper Mario (pros and cons).

Good things:
- Excellent storyline, really funny
- Good Music that goes well with the game
- Cool Unlockables
- Fun Chapters (Glitzville, Poshley Heights)
- Home Town (Rougeport)
- Challenging Bosses
- Forces you to use your brain =) AKA strategy

Bad Things
- Annoying or boring level (The Big Boggly Tree)
- Battle Style takes a long time
- A little bit wordy

This game is better than the Super Paper Mario Game on the Wii (I own that game) in the fact that the gameplay is a lot longer.