Paper Mario Series Nostalgia Thread!

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Title says it all. Lets take a break from all worrying about sticker star because it's not even out yet so we can't make a full assumption on it (especially since we've only seen a small share of videos and pictures). So in this thread, we post our favorite songs, moments, and funny experiences/fails we had in the paper mario series (yes, SPM counts as well). Who knows, if we can get this going, we might get some hype for sticker star and forget about what we're worried about :) Alright I'll go first. The paper mario games have amazing soundtracks and all of their songs fit the atmosphere they take place in. One that really grabs my attention is the shiver mountain theme. I'm not sure what it is about this one for me but it fits with the atmosphere and manages to get my adrenaline going. Also, if it interests you guys, I'm doing a rock cover of the entire paper mario game (The songs are in the order you would experience them in-game). I only have the intro so far but if you want to check it out, its right here. Hopefully this gets the nostalgia going as well! GvYM remove the space. its hilarious how my link was censored for that haha!
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The censor really shouldn't pick up on links, that's kind of a dumb idea. Though I guess it can be abused.