Pangya Cheats For PC

  1. Rotate your character in waiting room

    While waiting in a room, you can rightclick your character on the right side, then hold it down. Now, move your mouse down to shrink your character, move up to grow him. They can get huge! You can also rotate your character by holding down the left mouse button on him, and moving the mouse in the direction you wish.

    Contributed by: Dragon 

  2. See character animations

    This requires a mouse with a middle button. On any screen showing your character, hold down the left and right mouse buttons then click the middle button. Your character should do one of his/her animations. You can also do this for caddies.

    Contributed by: Smashnuke 

  3. Unlocking Papel, the Caddie!

    You can unlock Papel the cadddie by completing every step of the tutorial in the beginning for the game!

    Code Effect
    Complete tutorial Papel

    Contributed by: BadKarma_JT 

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