Pandemonium! (2006) Cheats For PC

  1. Ultimate Password

    Code Effect
    ALMABHOL All Levels, Max Lives/Hearts

    Contributed by: Saturn Urameshi 

  2. Level Passwords

    Enter the following codes at the password screen...

    Code Effect
    NAABEBAI Level 02
    ENAIAKBI Level 03
    PEIAIBBA Level 04
    KFCACICE Level 05
    AFICBAIM Level 06
    NGIABJJ Level 07
    EHIIAKAC Level 08
    NIIAIBKB Level 09
    AHICBAJE Level 10
    LOCACMGI Level 11
    KACACIIM Level 12
    OAIAIDLB Level 13
    ELIIAODC Level 14
    OEAIELJ Level 15
    OGIAJEEB Level 16
    AHMCBCMD Level 17
    AJECBDEF Level 18

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt 

  3. Misc. Cheats

    Code Effect
    ILLBBACK Invincibility
    AOEMDPIJ Ice Weapon
    AOIMFPIJ Fire Weapon
    AOMMHPIJ Shrink Weapon
    CANTSTOP Speed Greed Bonus Level (After Each Level)
    PBWIZARD Pinball Bonus Level (After Each Level)

    Contributed by: ethanhuntimf 

  4. Secret passwords

    Code Effect
    ALLHEART Hearts Aplenty
    NEVERDED Unlimited Lives
    LOOKATMY Permanent Weapon
    IMAHACKR Bending Players and Enemies
    ILIKEMAP Choose "New Game" to skip current level
    OHBUGGER Immortal Enemies
    FARTALOT Fart Sounds
    MOREBUGS Show Level, Chapter, FPS
    MJACKSON "Gender Bender"
    DOESNUTN "Rock 'N' Roll"

    Contributed by: GManiak 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Other Heart Containers & Boss Guide by Osimov 10K

Pandemonium! (2006) Cheats For Saturn

  1. Password Cheats

    Code Effect
    VITAMINS 31 lives
    CORONARY Extra hearts
    OTTOFIRE Infinite ammo
    HARDBODY Invincibility
    EVILDEAD Invincible enemies
    ALMABHOL or BORNFREE Level select
    TOMMYBOY Pinball screen (must complete a level)
    INANDOUT Restart on another or the same level
    TWISTEYE Rotate the screen (Use L, R and Down)
    CASHDASH Secret Screen (must complete a level)
    BODYSWAP Switch characters while playing (Press Z)

    Contributed by: Captain Doormat 

  2. Level Passwords

    Code Effect

    Contributed by: Captain Doormat 

Pandemonium! (2006) Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Misc. Passwords

    Code Effect
    INANDOUT Exit levels without quitting
    CORONARY Extra health
    CASHDASH Go to a bonus Screen when you complete a level
    VITAMINS Get 31 Lives
    HARDBODY Invincibility
    BORNFREE Level Select
    ALMABHOL Unlock All Stages and 31 Lives
    BODYSWAP Switch between Fargus and Nikki (press Triangle in game)
    TOMMYBOY Play Pinball
    OTTOFIRE Permanent Weapons
    CASHDASH Speed Greed mini game
    TOMMYBOY Flipper mini game
    EVILDEAD Make enemies invincible
    ADEAMIIE Level 01: Skull Fortress
    EPIJAKCA Level 02: Hollow Stairway
    FBIJAKCI Level 03: Dungeon Tower
    KOCCCIEE Level 04: Lost Caves
    NGIAIBJJ Level 05: Fungus Grotto
    NIIAJBCB Level 06: Acid Pools
    KGCACICI Level 07: Burning Desert
    AHICBAJE Level 08: Branky Wastes
    AIICFAJG Level 09: Spider Forest
    AICCBAJI Level 10: Canopy Village
    FBIIAKCK Level 11: Soldier Barracks
    FDIIAKDC Level 12: Honcho's Logmill
    FFIIAKDK Level 13: Honcho's Airship
    KACACIBA Level 14: Dragoon Skyfort
    ADMCFAID Level 15: Cloud Citadel
    EMIIEKBE Level 16: Efreet Palace
    OEIBIBMJ Level 17: Frozen Cavern
    FAAIAKCE Level 18: Storm Temple
    ADMAEIIH Final Level Password
    TWISTEYE Rotate the screen by holding L1 and L2 and using the D-pad
    THETHING Hold L2 to mutate your body. Press L2 and X to reset

    Contributed by: Shirow 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Other Heart Containers & Boss Guide by Osimov 10K
Secrets FAQ Secrets FAQ by ZyXx 1K

Pandemonium! (2006) Cheats For N-Gage

  1. Cheat Menu

    While logged onto the N-Gage Arena, start the game and press the '1' key at any time. A warning will come up telling you that what lies ahead spoils the game. Click Enter and you now have access to several power ups such as missles, extra lives, and invincibility.

    Code Effect
    Press '1' Key During Play Cheat Menu

    Contributed by: NoBuO810