Paladog! Cheats For iPhone/iPod

  1. Achievements

    Complete these tasks to unlock achievements and earn gems to use in the gem shop.

    Code Effect
    Clear a stage in 1 minute (Campaign Mode) Effective Strategy (25 gems)
    Level up 2 times in one stage (Campaign Mode) Significant Growth (25 gems)
    Kill 100 enemies from 1 stage (Campaign Mode) Monster Killer (25 gems)
    Eliminate the boss of 1-12 (Campaign Mode) Dog, The Zombie Slayer (10 gems)
    Eliminate the boss of 1-24 (Campaign Mode) Dog, The Witch Hunter (10 gems)
    Eliminate the boss of 2-12 (Campaign Mode) Dog, The Bone Licker (10 gems)
    Eliminate the boss of 2-24 (Campaign Mode) Dog, The Bandage Unwrapper (10 gems)
    Eliminate the boss of 3-12 (Campaign Mode) Dog, The Ghost Buster (15 gems)
    Eliminate the boss of 3-24 (Campaign Mode) Dog, The Duck Hunter (15 gems)
    Eliminate the boss of 4-12 (Campaign Mode) Dog that transcended himself (15 gems)
    Eliminate the boss of 4-24 (Campaign Mode) Dog, The Dragon Slayer (15 gems)
    Eliminate the boss of 5-12 (Campaign Mode) Dog, The Dreamer (20 gems)
    Eliminate the boss of 5-24 (Campaign Mode) Dog, The Savior (30 gems)
    Reach level 200 (Campaign Mode) Grown up dog (100 gems)
    Gather 1 million of gold Rich dog (30 gems)
    First time Ranking registration (Survival Mode) Dog aboard! (10 gems)
    Unlock every animal (Campaign Mode) Zoo (20 gems)
    Mouse reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode) Mouse, The Loyalty (10 gems)
    Rabbit reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode) Rabbit, The Forest Guardian (10 gems)
    Bear reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode) Bear, The Justice (10 gems)
    Kangeroo reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode) Kangeroo, The Dreadful Fighter (10 gems)
    Tortoise reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode) Tortoise, The Altruistic (10 gems)
    Monkey reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode) Monkey, The Great Pirate (10 gems)
    Rhino reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode) Rhino, The Executor (10 gems)
    Penguin reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode) Penguin, The Wise (10 gems)
    Dragon reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode) Dragon, The Pure Power (10 gems)
    Gain 360 stars (Campaign Mode) The Tenacious Dog (100 gems)
    Gather 10 million of gold Richer Dog (500 gems)
    Gather 100 million of gold Mr. Moneybags (1000 gems)
    Clear the Campaign Mode with Darkdog Darkdog's Revenge (200 gems)
    Register ranking with Darkdog Darkdog aboard! (30 gems)
    Make a friend (Survival Log-in) Fame 1 (10 gems)
    Make 2 friends (Survival Log-in) Fame 2 (12 gems)
    Make 3 friends (Survival Log-in) Fame 3 (15 gems)
    Make 4 friends (Survival Log-in) Fame 4 (18 gems)
    Make 5 friends (Survival Log-in) Fame 5 (22 gems)
    Make 6 friends (Survival Log-in) Fame 6 (26 gems)
    Make 7 friends (Survival Log-in) Fame 7 (30 gems)
    Make 8 friends (Survival Log-in) Fame 8 (35 gems)
    Make 9 friends (Survival Log-in) Fame 9 (40 gems)
    Make 10 friends (Survival Log-in) Fame 10 (50 gems)

    Contributed by: threetimes 

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