I have never had so much fun playing zelda...

The areas I will be reviewing are:

presentation(visuals, audio)
gameplay(controls, how you play)
value(Is it fun?)

Presentation: The visuals in this game are great. The new "toon" link looks better than ever, with many new and different looking characters with him. It is one of the best looking games on the ds, and its cartoony style fits the ds like a glove. The audio is awsome. With the always phenominal musical that we expect from a zelda game, and the classic in-game melodies like the familiar "da da da da da!" you hear when you acquire a new item, this games presentation is top notch. But I could go with less of link "hiya!" every time he uses his sword.
Gameplay: The gameplay in this game uses all of the ds's many functions to their fullest abilities. Between drawing symbols on doors and yelling into the mic to get another character's attention, you will be itching to find out how to solve the next puzzel. The only controles in this game is the touch screen, witch provides a challenge to veterans gamers and a new, fun way of playing video games for beginners. This game defins the gameplay expected from the ds.
Value: I have never had so much fun playing zelda, and this is definitly the best game i own for my ds. With a captivating story and trickey puzzels, this game will make it hard for gamers to stop playing. Although, some of the puzzels prove to be extremly hard to figure out, and you will be doing a lot of back-traking to find more treasures. But if you like that kind of stuff, I recommend this game to anyone up to the challenge.

presentation: 10
gameplay: 10
value: 9.5
overall: 9.5

Recommended: Definitely!