This game is called resident evil. It is a game. A game is a game. Resident means you live there and evil means bad. Yes

This is a review. A review is where you review something. And that is what i am going to do. Resident Evil has zombies. Zombies have dead skin. Dead skin has nothing! Therefore they have no feelings. Therefore it is okay to shoot and kill them because they have no feelings. However Lemmings have living skin. And that has feelings. Therefore it isn't okay to shoot lemmings. Zombies.... that is fine. Lemmings ...... that is evil. Which is what this game is about. Resident evil. So why doesn't this game have lemmings to shoot? Do you like magnets? They are fantastic! A force which is not visible. You would think something with such force and power would be visible. But it is not. It should get more recognition. Apparantly they are bad for watches. Something to do with messings up the hands i guess. But they do not damage humans. Which can only be a good thing because otherwise we would be dead. Because magnets are constantly working on us. As gravity. Unless some freak wanted to make gravity harmfull. That would just be evil. This game is not evil like those examples! It represents stuff that is supposed to be evil. But what is evil? Probably some word that some guy made up that represents something non-specific. Thanks for reading my review. A review is where you review something. And that is what i have done. Please leave comments on this review in a blog on the profile with the title 'REVIEW COMMENTS'.