Classic First Installment of the Series

This game will always be appreciated for starting the franchise, but it could easilly stand on its own. As far as platform/shooters are concerned, the only titles that are in a class with this one are it's sequels.
The gameplay is addictively fun, and fundamentally sound. The controls are accurate and easy to learn and the camera angles are far superior to other titles.
Weapon selection and variety are again only matched or surpassed by Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal. The plot is sound and there is a great deal of humor, which all make for great game.
The replay value of this title is also very high. Gamers can easilly play through multiple times without getting bored.
At it's current bargain price, there is no reason not to purchase this game. While it stands alone on it's own, it's definatly worth the price to experience the game that started it all.