Never judge a game by it's box art! Best in series!

Mega Man 2 is, for a lot of people, the first game in the series that they played and also the best. This is true for me as well. What makes Mega Man 2 magical is the awesome cast of robots.. the first Dr. Willy castle stages and some of the best music the NES has seen. The gameplay is very simple and doesn't include the flashy moves of it's numerous sequels. Run, jump, climb ladders and shoot... that's about it. The graphics are very detailed and everything is animated nicely. The colors used in the game are one of the reason why the graphics looks so good for a NES game. The level designs are simple yet effective.

The music in Mega Man 2 is some of catchiess heard on the NES. Remember the Bubble Man level music? I do! The sound effect are above average and is effective.

This game will give you a challenge in some parts, but it's not crazy hard like Mega Man 1.

So, like i said before, Mega Man 2 is the best game in the series even if the box art is nasty as hell.