The new old school.

User Rating: 8.6 | Painkiller: Black Edition PC
This game is stupid, but for some reason I just love it.

Gameplay: I played it on Trauma mode my first time so it was very hard. (I hate easy games!) Although the gameplay is very simple it is also challenging. Normally I detest this type of game, (Serious Sam, Blech!) however the unique setting and weapons changed my mind. (9)

Graphics: Not perfect, but I thought they were great. (9)

Sound: Nice soundtrack. Good sound effects. (8)

Value: 35 huge levels, but no mods for new weapons, maps or enemies.
Yes, there are 35 levels. Interesting, but ultimately lackluster multiplayer. (7)

Tilt: I'm extremely critical of games so I almost never give out nines or tens. This means eights (total score) are about as good as it gets, so this game is definitely one of my favorites. (9)

The Good: Every level is unique with different enemies and environments. Kickass weapons! Too bad there were only seven. The bosses.

The Bad: Jumping over the pits on The Coliseum level on Trauma mode. Aaaarg! The Pentagon level. No saving on Trauma mode. It's set in Purgatory and Hell and has demons in the cut-scenes, yet aside for one boss there are no demons to kill and no fiery hell-like levels. That just sucks!

Bottom Line: Although it is straightforward and admittedly lame it is also one of the best shooters out there in my opinion. I can't wait for Painkiller 2.