Metroid Prime is the the best alien adventure game ever made.

What sets Prime apart from every other adventure game is the sense of atmosphere. The graphics in this game are beautiful, to me they are ahead of every game in that particular genration of gaming. Samus's gun smokes, her mask fogs and her visor gets distorted when your around electronic interference.The shear beauty of the enviorment will make you want to keep on moving down the games dark deserted corridors. The games story is vague but interesting, you crash land on a planet that looks beautiful and full of life, but you discover as you play that talon 5 has a death wish. Something lurks beneath the surface that could destroy samus for good........But! you are bad ass bounty hunter named samus who has an arsenal of deadly weapons to destroy evil, and your not going down without a fight. Youl soon grow to love Talon 5's native race the Chozo's, by reading logs youll discover their demise and their story. A race captivated by astronomy and science, destroyed by a blood thristy evil lurking beneath the crust.

All i can say is if you like adventure games, and have an interest in science fiction, go for it. But if your a shooter fanatic looking for another halo, steer clear. But by now the price is so cheap, you might as well give it a shot anyway.