The Pac is Back! ... No, for real.. . This game is good.

User Rating: 8.8 | Pac-Man Championship Edition X360
Whats that you say? A 3rd Pac-Man game for XBLA? Huh? 800 pts?
No thanks, I say, but I'll D/L your free demo just because I can.

Thats how most people have approched this new brand new Pac-Man game, myself included. Then, i played the demo... Instantly hooked... the gameplay is the same old Pac-Man, but its at the same time fresh, fast, and new.. The graphics are razor sharp, and the the soundtrack manages to whip up into a blazing techno frenzy while still pumping out the classic Pac-Man sound effects we all grew up with.

To sum up the core of the new gamplay, its kinna like you zoom around a maze at breakneak speeds, when you clear one side of the maze, a fruit appears on the oppose side, you eat the fruit, and the cleared side of the maze is redrawn, with different wall patterens, new pellets and new power pellet placments... You never know what your gonna get untill you eat the new fruit, and the mazes can change on either side... I know, its sounds confusing, but its really cool.

6 modes, leaderboards, weeky rankings, this is how a classic should be.