Pac-Man Is Back In… yellow? ...latest Pac-Man game I've played, well aside from the ms. Pac-Man in my loc

User Rating: 7 | Pac-Man Championship Edition X360
So far up to date the latest Pac-Man game I've played, well aside from the ms. Pac-Man in my local pizzeria that sucked most of my quarters dry when I was bored waiting for a takeout order. Anyway with that being said, I have to say that this one is the most highly addictive version yet. Before I get rambling I guess I should break it down into the basics for the super ADD rea- OOOooo look a butterfly! Ahem, uh right, yes the breakdown.
The Good, The Bad, & What Could be Better …

Highly addictive, Very Arcade Style, Maps Change as You Play, Different Modes of Play, Easy Achievements, and of course nothing beats eating the things that scare you :D
Constant Flashing Backround, Time Limits can be a Downer, Pac-Man beginners may after realizing they wasted hours of their life completely a simple task have to go buy a new controller.
What Could Be-
Multiplayer Options would be nice, as well as online competitively of some sort, additional game play modes would be nice, more options and power as to the settings of the game to allow your own pac-man setup/experience.

Now for long winded readers there's more, essentially touching on the above. Basically what is great about this game is it's pretty much the good old mind numbing arcade classic with a somewhat new feel and style of game play to keep you busy… rather than changing maps level to level, everything happens as you play. It definitely helps in putting you on the edge of your seat and allowing you to lean in the direction of your fellow pac-man as you have ghost tailing you like a cop car in a mafia movie. In addition given the simple nature of this game you can have a ton of fun just taking turns with a friend and shouting profanity's at the ghost that betrayed you so and then laughing maniacally when you finally get the power from the 'steroid' dots to go back and pulverize that ghost.
Aside from that though, the game play is defiantly meant for short burst of entertainment, quarter and play style for sure, so it will be hard to carry out a long session without wanting to go play a game with a plot line and graphics or getting a sandwich. Even if you wanted to, the flashy background can be hard on the eyes after a while, and god knows what it will do to you if you have epilepsy. I guess if you felt like a all nighter pac-man theme rave than this would be the game to play. Another downside is the games lack of features makes it hard to be much more than a fun little pick up and play. Once you unlock most of the achievements beat the 5 or so modes, and master the art of patterns your ready for the next pac-man port. Regardless to the games downs though, you'll definitely get a quick bit of fun out of it for the time you have it, and sense the game is fairly cheap and most Arcade systems come with a copy… it's definitely worth the small thrill of smashing miniature caspers back to their hole as you eat away arsenic pellets followed by a balanced diet of fruit and steroids.