Pac-Man For Today.....

User Rating: 10 | Pac-Man Championship Edition X360
This is the Pac Man that needs to be played by todays gamer. It keeps the "Old School" for us that remember stuffing $0.25 into the arcade games back in the day. But updated well for the young guy's just finding out what Pac Man is.

The on line scoring is cool if you can get it to work; it seems to screw up every time you check your score. Now it could have been just that night, but it was vary aggravating when I was trying to check my score on X-Box Live.

But, for all the retro reissues on X-Box Live, this is the one that really has tried to reinvent itself. It's Pac-Man on high-def acid: Widescreen, fluorescent, with actively changing playfields, merciless time limits, and some dirty tricks up its sleeve (good luck navigating the huge invisible mazes). Also, the 200 Achievement points it offers are just hard enough to make them feel satisfying when you get them.

This the best Pac Man to come out, since Mrs. Pac Man…..