Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Secret Path

    When you're in the sewers on the way to the Ghost Witch's lair, remain happy. Hit Pac-Man with your slingshot once to make him angry , and then use the slingshot to direct him to a big hole in the wall. This hole in the wall contains 2 burglars. Pac-Man will chase them out. Have Pac-Man go to the left by pressing the D-pad left and the Y button at the same time. Use the slingshot on the left most wall until it spins,and ''Voila''. A secret path with a mine cart appears.

    Contributed by: JFigueroa 

  2. View Game Percentage

    Press start to go to the item screen, and then hold Select and X. The percentage of the number of secrets you've found will be displayed above your current password.

    Contributed by: Snesman64 

  3. Passwords

    Code Effect
    FODWW5W Level 2
    BWHY37Y Level 3
    JWGOVZ6 Level 4
    OFYFJJ8 Final Boss
    FFTDB2W Mine Cart Level
    PCMNDPW Original Pac-Man Arcade
    MSPCMND Ms. Pac-Man Arcade
    PCMNPTT Pattern Test
    BGMRQST Sound Test
    TRLMDPW Time Trial

    Contributed by: llamamaster II 

  4. Level 1 passwords

    Select the password option on the main menu and enter. Note that "pac" denotes using the Pac-Man symbol. These passwords are great if you're hunting for percentages.

    Code Effect
    FYpacW4XW Begin level 1
    ZYBW4VT Start at Pac-man's room.
    YFpacW4XW Start at Pac-man's house, left side.
    pacFpacV5TW Start at Pac-man's house, right side.
    YFTWMXW Start at Stock Farm, left side.
    FFVXNTW Start at Stock Farm, right side.
    FFpacD3TW Start at Old Arcade, left side.
    ZYVWMVT Start at Old Arcade, right side.
    FYTW4XC Start at Old Game Center
    ZYpacC2VT Start at Park, left side.
    FYBD3WW Start at Park, right side.
    FYTC4XW Start at Village Way, left side.
    YFTC4XW Start at Village Way, right side.
    ZYVC4VT Start at Village Way, exiting Lucy's house.
    ZYVW4Vpac Start at Lucy's room.

    Contributed by: Snesman64 

  5. Passwords (Japanese version)

    In the "Hello! Pac-Man" password screen, enter the following to play the arcade games.

    Code Effect
    MPACDPW Ms. Pac-Man Arcade
    PACMANP Original Pac-Man Arcade

    Contributed by: mrpopsicleman 

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Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures Cheats For Genesis

  1. Passwords

    Code Effect
    SO*NDTP Sound Test
    TR[Pac-Man icon][Pac-Man icon]LMP Time Trial
    P[Pac-Man icon]TT[Pac-Man icon]RN Pattern Test
    PCMNoRG Original Pac-man
    PCJRDPW Pac Jr.

    Contributed by: Retro 

  2. Level Passwords

    Code Effect
    18NSZXP Sewer
    J85S1VP Plant
    HRM91XR Lab
    J0M9ZVP Locked Door
    HHNR1VR Industrial Area
    98NSGD6 Department Store
    9M57ZDP End of Mine
    9437ZBM End of Mine - Part II
    5RKPZBK Out of Mine
    HR4S1XR Warehouse
    J85S1VP Secret Plant

    Contributed by: sleepmode 

  3. View Completion Percentage

    Press Start to display the item description screen. Then, press A + C to view the percentage of the game you've completed.

    Contributed by: Victory 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by DBM11085 16K
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