Ooooooooo New Sheeeeepies!

User Rating: 8.2 | Overlord PC
Its here at last, finally, I was eager for this one and thankfully the game did not disappoint at all.

The game starts as your awaken and have acid rubbed into your eyes. Yes Acid, ahhh those little minions sure love you as Overlord. After a few minutes of learning how to play which is presented extremely well, your first real quests begins.

Saving villagers huh, from nasty dwarfies, who no like sheepies (oh im in character again, sorry about that but you will understand when you play the game/demo), anyway this quest is a chance for you to hone your skills as the Overlord and to control your minions correctly, but it shouldn't be much of a problem. That is to later on when it becomes apparent that you cant go everywhere yet.

The graphics are very well designed and colorful and fun, not amazing, but fun and bright none the less. And the sound is great, the one liners and comments from your minions make this game a joy to play.

*Master tell them about the sheepies!*

Oh yes Sheepi...uhum sheep, are one source of summoning energy you will need to summon more minions, sheep carry brown minion energy, while other nasties will have green,red or blue. But dont expect to have a huge army of Browns at the start. Oh no no no. You are limited until you find Objects, we like objects!, like totems that give more minion control, or more mana and health, and even new spells to be wielded. And missing parts of your Evil Tower.

One part of the game is very much like Fable, is the Good and Evil side of things. Well technically not Good, but Evil Good and Evil Evil, which your armor changes shape and colour depending on how Good or Evil you are.

At times it can be a bit of a chore to figure out what you have to do next or where to go, but not too much of a chore, you dont want the game to be so blatantly obvious now do you?

The story is easy to follow with some good twists and turns. But just when I was enjoying myself the game was over, which is a shame as it changes the scoring a bit but not by much. Dont get me wrong it could have been longer, but even so its a challenge.

Overall Overlord is a great game, full of laughs, fun, good scenery and graphics, and of course sheepies (the minions were biting my ankles to say that). Go out and buy it today you will not be disappointed.