The best in the Xmen/Marvel series, but it could've been much better.

I loved the Xmen Legends games, so I figured I should obviously buy this game. And while it is the best game in this series, some better character choices and a more lenghty story would have made this a much better game.

Gameplay- The gameplay is pretty much the same as both Xmen Legends games. Some new moves include hitting an enemy when theyre down and charging powers. I didnt like the fact that they minimalized the importance of gear in the game.

Graphics/Sound- Decent like in the other games in this franchise. The graphics are a little less cel shaded, which is a good touch. The music fits well, and the voice acting is good.

Value/Fun- While it is a good game and has some replayibility, I wish the story would've been longer, so that hurts the value somewhat, but I still had a pretty good time playing this game.

While some bad character choices and lack thereof (Hulk, Punisher) hurt the experience somewhat, Thise game is easily reccomendable to fans of the rpg genre and the Xmen Legends franchise.