OutRun Cheats For Genesis

  1. Unlock Hyper Mode

    Complete the game on Super or Pro to unlock Hyper Difficulty, which raises the max speed of your Ferrari to 215 MPH, making times less than 5 minutes possible

    Code Effect
    Complete Super diffuculty level Hyper mode

    Contributed by: Link Hylia 

  2. View ending credits sequence

    To view the ending credits sequence, win enough points to end up on the hi score board. Then enter the following as your name:

    Code Effect
    ENDING Shows ending credits sequence.

    Contributed by: PickHut 

  3. Hyper Difficulty Mode

    Enter the following code at the Title Screen....

    C - C - C - C - C - C - C - C - C - C

    Then go into the Options Menu and you should have this new difficulty available

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt 

  4. Extra Options

    At the title screen, press Start, and then press A eleven times, press B three times, and C eight times. The Options menu will change its name to ''Hyper Options.'' There will be new options, including a stage select.

    Contributed by: Retro 

OutRun Cheats For Sega Master System

  1. Sound Test

    Press Start, then RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP when a hand is on the radio. Press left or right to cycle through the sounds.

    Contributed by: Captain Doormat 

  2. Start With Less Time

    First enter the sound test code and start a song. Then press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up, then either Left+1 or Right+1 to start with 75 seconds, or Down+1 to start with 70 seconds on the timer instead of the usual 80 seconds.

    Code Effect
    Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up then Down+1 or Right/Left+1 Start With Less Time

    Contributed by: Mezmorize99 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ FAQ by TrulyDexterous 21K
FAQ FAQ by PickHut 15K

OutRun Cheats For Amiga

  1. Level Codes

    Enter these on the main password screen off of the main menu.

    Code Effect
    TZATZIKI Level 2
    PLANTAIN Level 3
    FAJITAS Level 4
    WONTON Level 5
    CHOUX Level 6

    Contributed by: pianistman 

  2. Cheat mode

    Activate cheat mode during play, then press keys

    Code Effect
    Red Barchetta or Starion Cheat Mode
    B Extended play
    S Next Screen
    T Extra 10 seconds
    X Quit
    D Screenshot
    Q Program information

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy 

OutRun Cheats For Arcade Games

  1. See the Credit Message

    Right before the road forks, press and hold Start. When you choose one of the roads and the other one disappears from view, a secret credit message will come up on the screen.

    Contributed by: Retro 

OutRun Cheats For Commodore 64

  1. Unlimited time,Invincibility

    Load or reset the game, then execute the following BASIC command before running or restarting the program.

    Code Effect
    POKE 34711,234 POKE 34712,234 POKE 34713,234 SYS 33393,173 Unlimited time
    POKE 34686,173 Unlimited time(Alternate)
    POKE 44049,96 Invincibility

    Contributed by: Dragon King 187 

OutRun Cheats For GameGear

  1. Have Unlimited Time

    During the Title Screen press:

    Code Effect
    left, 1, 2, Start Unlimited time

    Contributed by: expensivegift