Damn you scared me!!!!! Do it again!!!!!

User Rating: 8 | Outlast PS4

It's not often that you find yourself playing a true-to-roots survival horror game that is truly scary and creepy. So many games in recent memory have tried to be scary and/or creepy and failed miserably, becoming an action title long before you finish playing them. I'm here to report that this time the development team did a fantastic entry in the much maligned genre. How so, you ask? Well, mainly because two key reasons: 1.- No weapons & 2.- No chance to defend yourself. Add to that that the graphics are great -I mean, you cannot scare me with 8 bits graphics (ala Lone Survivor) and/or a dated look (ala Amnesia)- and you have an amazingly captivating experience. Flaws? Sure. A couple: Some enemy models seem silly up-close and some tasks where you have to activate some stuff are repeated throughout the main story.

If you are like me, and loved the first Resident Evil and Silent Hill games and wish to relive those unsettling (yet fun) experiences, buy this game.