Well thought out, and highly immersive gameplay.

User Rating: 8.5 | Outland PS3
Outland is an action platformer that brings a good story line and a well rounded gameplay. Battling the forces of light and dark, the character is forced to switch between the two in order to traverse through this 2D world. Along the way the character reveals new moves and attacks that he can use against his enemies. These enemies also bare a polarity in force and if your character is not the opposing force he will do no damage to his target. Outland can also be played cooperatively and that you use your companion to travel through the story. As well, there are challenges presented in Co-op that can be played and played viewing your progress in the arcade leaderboards. By collecting coins and figuring your way through many different puzzles and adventures, Outland brings a good name to the 2D platformer franchise. It's unique style that encompasses the platforming characteristics of Out of This World and Ikaruga, really make this game a must-have for any avid platform gamer. A solid display of a game.