Classic Metroid fans will LOVE this game.

User Rating: 10 | Outland PS3
I try to stop playing this game ... but I can't. This game tickles the same senses that the Metroid platformers once did. You'll promise yourself that you'll put the game down after one more level.... yeah right. Outland keeps the action and the challenges coming the entire time. I'm close to beating the game and I'm already starting to miss it. The use of the blue/red color beams/balls is great. Switching colors in mid-air to slash something and switching back before hitting the ground is exciting. The power upgrades each bring the game to a new level. You'll find yourself getting through a level, taking a deep breath, and then dying to find out what the next level has in store for you. It's great to see developers like Ubisoft take on a game like this. Just when you thought there was nothing left for 2-D platformers, along comes Outland. If you don't have this game you're missing out on a great game.