Haven't played a side scroller like this or this good for a very long time.

User Rating: 9 | Outland PS3
For a 10$ dollar game theirs a surprising amount of content. The best way to describe this game is, its like a mix between Mario, Zelda and Metroid games. (the side scrolling ones) You have a sword and you can do three kinds of attacks, a quick forward slice that you can do a three hit combo with (it just hits three times), an upward slice and a downward slice. As you progress through the game you acquire different attacks and ability. Which allows you to access new areas just like a Metroid or Zelda game. You'll also be doing a lot of back tracking, which can be a little annoying but its nothing to bad. You get coins from killing enemy's, its only used to buy more health and energy from statues spread throughout the game. There's enough money to buy them if you look around so you won't have to worry about grinding for money to get enough for a health upgrade. The boss fights were very surprising, they were challenging and fun. I only say that because most games like this have really lame boss fight that I've played. The first boss i ran into i wasn't expecting to much from it, boy was i wrong. It started out easy enough, it would slam a very heavy object on the ground and send a shock wave at you, that you just had to jump over. Then you jump on what it slammed down slice the boss until the shock wave comes back jump off and repeat. Then these spiky creatures started appearing in the tree above me and the boss would knock them out of the tree onto my head followed by a shock wave. This still wasn't to hard until the boss started raining down deadly projectiles on me that i had to avoid obviously, and it wasn't like a 2 second attack ether, I think it lasted like 10-15 seconds. Keep in mind you have like three hit points so you can't get hit. I killed the boss and was surprised the 1st boss was like that. All the bosses are like that except the end boss. It was hard but wasn't as chaotic as the other bosses. Now for the coolest part of the game. This wouldn't have been a very impressive game if it wasn't for the light and dark energy. Basically if your blue (light) you can't hurt a blue enemy and the same for red (dark), so you have to be red to kill blue and vise versa. Also blue projectiles can't hurt you if your blue but melee attacks can. The projectiles are used like fireballs in bowsers castle as obstacles. The game introduces you to to the obstacles slowly before the really nasty ones. At first it'll be a primarily red or blue projectile geyser then they start mixing them together into some very twisted traps. This just means you have to watch the pattern and time it right. Now for this type of game you have to be surprisingly precise. This also makes the boss fight very interesting. The boss might be red and shoot a blue attack, you can see how that could be challenging. Whats cool about this game is that most of the obstacles actually look like an actual object. One might look like a water fountain, chains, a spiderweb, flower and things like that. Graphically its not anything spectacular but its definitely not cheaply made. This games great for a 10$ downloadable game but for everything in this game it seems like its worth at least 20$ but I'm not complaining :)