Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors Cheats For Xbox

  1. Keep Raikoh's soul safe

    In the stage where you have to protect Raikoh's soul, let it get distracted by the first light you come across. You can then take your time and thoroughly fumigate the level of all other lights and monsters, then just keep an eye out for any stragglers while your soul floats safely away.

    Contributed by: EckyThump 

  2. 2nd Play Magic Secret

    After beating the game and starting a 2nd play file, all characters are able to equip any of the magic spells.

    Contributed by: TurtleWithAGuitar 

  3. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Complete stage 14 as Raikoh Raikoh's second weapon (Divine Blade)
    Complete Havoc Mission 17 Raikoh's third weapon (Falling Star)
    Buy it from the shop during 2nd play for 317,000 gold. This is THE most powerful weapon in the game Raikoh's fourth weapon (Moonlight Sword)
    Complete stage 8 as Kintoki Kintoki's second weapon (Blazing Axe)
    Complete Havoc Mission 12 Kintoki's third weapon (Red Lotus)
    Complete stage as Tsuna Tsuna's second weapon (Thunder)
    Purify both Centipede Demons in Stage 22 Tsuna's third weapon (Wrath)
    Complete Havoc Mission 4 Sadamitsu's second weapon (Shrieking Blossom)
    Complete stage 20 in 2.5 minutes Sadamitsu's third weapon (Black Wings)
    Complete Havoc Mission 7 Suetake's second weapon (Eight Truths)
    Complete Havoc Mission 13 Suetake's third weapon (Divine Punishment)
    Complete stage as Seimei Seimei's second weapon (Twin Dragons)

    Contributed by: mflat5 

  4. Unlockable Moonlight Sword at beginning

    If you have a completed save file of Otogi:Myth of Demons with the Moonlight Sword on your Xbox you will be able to purchase the Moonlight Sword in the beginning of a new game.

    Contributed by: mario89advance 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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