Because of the registration and DRM, I give it a bad review. I spent way to much time getting it up and running.

If this is the future of gaming, I am done with gaming until it gets back to basics. Funny how this garbage is promoting piracy instead of doing things that make it easier for the purchaser to be happy they didn't get a pirated version. As for the game it is okay, but not worth the hassle, If you must feel good about not participating in piracy, buy it then through it in the trash and get the pirated version.

The biggest problem with this game is the fact that there needs to be an internet connection just to save the game, how stupid is that? What moron gets to keep their job after coming up with that idea? Their are times I would like to play and no internet is available, dah.

With this nonsense and data caps on my ISP's. I am throwing my computer and tv away, and moving back into the stone age.

See ya suckers.