Nothing but pure fun

User Rating: 10 | Orcs Must Die! 2 PC
If you like defence games, this is about as good as it gets. Some one mentioned the repetitiveness of the diolog but I find it to be just right. Something always to be said about, "Just blowing things up"
I think the animations fit the "style" of this game. Sound is good. I love the fact you can turn in your previous choices of skills or weapons at any time and then pick what ever you want. That is a nice feature. I am not a very good gamer and have finished all the levels set to apprentice but stuck on "Mirror Image" at least to obtain the 5 skull rating. Buy this game and just have fun! The price (which is something that doesn't concern me if a game is fun) But what you get for your buck here is way over the top for value in my opinion. I am a old dude and started gaming on the Commodor 64 but this game rocks in bring out the kid in me. lol