Overall a good game, but Microsoft managed to made it annoying to even look at the cover of this "thing".

User Rating: 2 | Operation Flashpoint: Red River PC
As much I managed to play it was a good experience of a tactical shooter, but the problems began 5 min after being logged online on the Microsoft Games for Windows Live platform. The game just crashed. When I was in offline mode everything was going smoothly, the captain seemed a decent person and the team responded well to my commands. I managed to reach up to the 3rd mission of the game when I accidentally turned on my internet connection and the game logged online once again and once again CRASHED. And it is written in big letters, because after I reloaded the game, my save files were corrupt and it was once again mission one day one. The saves corrupted several times, so I grew tired of playing the first the 100 th time. I went online to find a solution for my problem tried everything I could but no luck. In my opinion this game is unplayable because of the bug and the unexpected crashes and save corrupts that the gamer is going to experience. If you want to stay away from anti depressants stay away from this game.