Friendly AI is so idiotic that you'll start thinking they're enemies instead...

User Rating: 7 | Operation Flashpoint: Red River PC
Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising was a good game, it didn't came with serious problems, like the monochromatic graphics, monotonous setting and a seriously flawed AI, the first two problems were corrected for the sequel the third got even worse and also new problems came along with Red River.

You'll no longer be able to drive a wide selection of vehicles (Only a Humvee), most missions are very linear, that's not bad at all, now you can customize weapons and choose your class.

The biggest problem of OF:Red River is the friendly AI, in almost 30 years of gaming i haven't seen such idiotic behavior in friendly bots, they get in your way while firing, they stand in the middle of firefights, they don't take cover and they run away from you when you try to heal them.

This problem gets more serious at Mission 5, which is one of the most difficult missions i have ever played, in this missions friendly AI gets so idiotic that you'll start to think that they aren't friendly at all, friendly AI will become your worst enemy.

The good news is that you can play the campaign in Online Co Op,but you'll still deal with idiotic AI teammates, if REAL marines are this stupid then I'll pray for the US no t to engage in war with China.

Aside from this problems this game is fun, and offers some good semi-realistic shooting action, it's not 100% simulation, nor 100% arcade, let's say it's the middle point between Call of Duty and ArmA.

The fun online Co Op mode makes this game worth, get this game now it's cheap enough to overlook its problems.