Flashpoint Redemption?

User Rating: 9 | Operation Flashpoint: Red River X360
I was VERY skeptical about buying Red river, and to be honest, the only reason i did was that i have brought every single flashpoint and expansion up to date and have only been let down once... Of course, we all know that dragon rising was not bad, but appalling, apart from for messing about online with friends.
However, as soon i got home and started playing red river, i was surprised... within the first hour, i had found no ridiculous glitches such as 2d hollow building or getting gunned down by your team mates.
At the end of the story i was annoyed, if only to the fact that i didnt want it to end, i was impressed by the ever-changing battlefield and objectives given by our friendly neighborhood staff sergeant, and the fact, that unlike most shooters, to me any, the story missions didn't seem repetitive and pointless.
Me and my friends also enjoyed the Co-op story and the hold-the-area style multiplayer. which added alot to the gameplay
Main Faults: as per with flashpoint games, either GIVE US MORE THAN 2 MAPS!, or make the story map an open one, like dragon rising promised yet took away
Main Pro Points: No Stupid Glitches, better AI, No annoying ethnic music, Interesting yet challenging story and knox was back! woo!!