This game is one of the closest representations of war I have played! A game for squaddy's more than civies!

User Rating: 8.5 | Operation Flashpoint: Red River PS3
Flashpoint is an awe inspiring game, the scale of the maps, the detail of the tactics of soldiers and the physics of it are second to none! I have never seen Gamespot under appreciate a game as much as this one. a 6.5 is a weak score to give such an immersive game.

I am a soldier myself and the way the game updates your platoons orders as you go is exactly how it is, You play the role of a squad commander and part of one of thee squads that make the platoon, Bravo squad! the other two squads react to how you play the game, when your entire squad assaults another squad will automatically lay suppressive fire. You can command each unit within your squad to cover you in making an assault on a building or to a location too unless you prefer to be a sniper and command your squad to assault in your place.. this game plays however you would like it to play!

The physics for shooting at a distance are immense!! you have to take into effect the bullet drop and the lead if the target is moving.. wind however does not come into a factor on this game. The enemy are smart too... attacking and running for cover and dropping to the floor when you start to fire upon them! and if they manage to get a shot at you... it knocks you back, literally!

If you want a game that doesn't just warp you into the middle of the action, and allows you to approach each situation how you would like too then this is the game you are looking far, and also forgive my terminology on the structure sides of things if your not British, as I am not 100% familiar on US structure.. (do you guys have 3 quads in a platoon? or do you call it a company?)