Not with out its flaws. The ridiculous voice acting for one. Worth playing through but not at full price

User Rating: 6.5 | Operation Flashpoint: Red River PC
Some breath taking moments but lots of flaws and really annoying script/ voice acting. However I'm enjoying playing through the campaign. might be a bit limited to keep my attention for the medium term.

Coop is fun but why no PvP. Maybe it will be DLC at a price later. i enjoyed it more than I feared i would.

Some of the missions are quite tough but nothing that you can accomplish after a restart or two. There are harder levels but whether it will hold my interest then remains to be seen.

One annoyance, your told to pop smoke and withdraw. You don't get smoke till level 9 rifleman. Thats a stupid game dynamic. You should have access to all the basis kit. Having to get to level 9 is just poor game design. The leveling of the characters and different abilities seems like a bit of an add on and not really adding much to the overall game.

I suspect that game is a contender only. Memorable for what it might have been. Codemasters are clearly capable why they released this when the market place is full of