Codemasters Fails. (again) A missed opportunity... simplistic boring gameplay with horrible A.I

User Rating: 2.5 | Operation Flashpoint: Red River PC
I was very interesting in this game. Operation flashpoint dragon rising wasn't really good but had potential to become a good realistic tactical first person shooter.
Unfortunately I was more and more disappointed while playing this game. Graphics are not that bad, but definitely not great either. Especially the trees, foliage, lighting and landscapes look very fake and plastic. The fact that the environment looks all the same and the landscape is very open and dull doesn't help either.

But that's not the real problem of red river. It is the horrible A.I from your team mates and especially the enemy forces. The opponents seems completely oblivious to your appearance, and act almost never 'normal' or smart like taking cover or using tactics.

Also the gameplay is very simplistic, mainly because you don't really need to use a tactic, the missions are all pretty much the same, flanking the enemies will do the job for most of the time.
It lacks depth which should be a major part in a "tactical" and realistic shooter which I thought was the goal of these operation flashpoint series.

A few other irritations:
Minor bugs. Recoil and weapons feel weird. There's also no leaning, peek behind walls, jumping, climbs or a cover system.

There was a thing I liked: Sometimes your weapon jams and you have to unjam it. Which I think is a really cool idea. (although it doesn't feel and looks as cool as it did in Far Cry 2 for example.)

Don't waist your time on this game.