pop-in like hell

User Rating: 1 | Operation Flashpoint: Red River PC
i wish to write a good review about this game, because i need desperately a good military video game with good graphics but i was waiting in vain.
i had great expectation about operation flashpoint, but when i start to play i saw a lot of pop-in in the landscape, mountains and buildings disappear in front of me.
i don't know, maybe is my Nvidia Gforce gt 240 with intel core quad and 4 gb of RAM. if is not ,tell me what happen, CODEMASTERS.

nobody say something about the pop-in.
if someone read this and have the same problem about it send me a message.
because i don't understand how CODEMASTERS could sell a broken product like this.
i can't give a chance to the gameplay while the landscape pop-in like hell
how can i spot a sniper terrorist if the mountain?
how can i enjoy the ride with my fellows marines?
how can i trust CODEMASTERS in the next video game?
if the POP-IN is worst than the gameplay.
too bad for pc gamer.