Badest Game of the Year?

User Rating: 2.5 | Operation Flashpoint: Red River PC
I think Codemasters is not good at FPS or Tactical Shooter games.
This game is really Boring the AI is really bad, Bad graphics, Really Sucking Story and the way how the leader talks piss me off. He thinks Funny but no he isnt. I think ARMA 2 is still better than Operation Flashpoint. This game has got Bugs like the hell. I think Operation Flashpoint Red Rier will be the Badest game of the Year and Battlefield 3 will be the best FPS game of the year. For the Gamers who dont like Bugs, Bad graphics, Short and Sucking Story this game will be HORRIBLE. So just Unisntalled the game and threw it away [Sold] after just 2 hours. Really Annoying. Poor.

I think this game is better at other Platforms like PS3 and XBoX 360 but For PC it is Really BAD. For people who really like the Operation Flashoint series this will be the Most annoying part of all.

Best of Luck Codemasters