What Gamespot Users have to say about Operation Flashpoint: Red River

  • Rating:4.5

    Weak Story, Bad Graphics,

    When I first bought the game I was hoping for a game along the lines of Arma 2 without bugs. Red River has short single player with horrible graphics! I did not encounter any serious bugs by contrast to Arma 2. Though ... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:8

    My opinion is that the game could be better but still OK.

    I will get to the point right away.To make a second warfare simulation game is not a bad idea for the one's who loved the first sequel.Game graphics is great,just like I expected it to be.Gameplay is similar to the last... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:7.5

    Not a improvment more like DLC. To me its equal to Dragon Rising.

    Minor bugs wear this game down, a patch should be on its way! Lack on transport your only ride humvees, custom classes are cool thought. Not much really to say, just dont except more. Its equal to Dragon rising. G... Read Full Review

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