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Most Helpful Positive Player Reviews

  • Review Score:9

    People don't understand this game...

    I see comment after comment about how this game is a let down. I'm GLAD to see that, because I don't want people playing this game who don't love it. This game is NOT made to challenge the Call of Duty series. This... Read Full Review

    34 of 49 users found the following review helpful

Most Helpful Critical Player Reviews

  • Review Score:1

    I'm gonna boycott mags that gave this 90%...

    This game is the most over-hyped let down i have ever played,i watched an interview with one of the guys that made it,and he was going on about its realism.Well if in real life a soldier can't move his head when he's in... Read Full Review

    20 of 29 users found the following review helpful

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