Wow! This looks like a Halo 2! ...Not..

This game is so.....mediocre... I've played so many fps's on the DS and there all the exact same! The guns on this game suck cause the character you choose barely makes a difference because you can pick a character and still get all the weapons the others do.. And the characters there so poorly categorized I mean theres this one Alien called "Trace" and his weapon is a Sniper rifle and not only is the sniper rifle best in the game its of course a "One Shot Kill" But doesn't only get that wepon he turn invisble! That's right. I mean I can understand a poor all around character gets a sniper rifle but a character that's the toughest and can turn invisible when he has his secret weapon!?! This game was a complete waste of 36 dollars but wait thank god I bought it used..