Operation Darkness Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Complete each achievement for a total of 1000 Gamerscore points. All medal achievements are unknown. SPOILERS may ensue only for the medal achievements.

    Code Effect
    Gathered all 12 pages of the Valhalla Report Soldier's Medal
    Completed all 27 Campaign Missions Silver Star
    Completed all 15 Recon Missions Distinguished Service Cross
    Completed all 20 Eagle's Nest Missions Military Cross
    Completed Campaign Mission 27 after completing all of the Armed Recon and Eagle's Nest Missions Medal of Honor
    Completed Campaign Missions 01-27 within 35 hours Victoria Cross
    Completed a mission after obtaining the Muramasa Blade, Dragon Slayer, and Excalibur Africa Star
    Completed Campaign Mission 01 within 14 minutes Purple Heart
    Completed Campaign Mission 01 Campaign 01
    Completed Campaign Missions 02-04 Campaign 02-04
    Completed Campaign Missions 05-07 Campaign 05-07
    Completed Campaign Missions 08-10 Campaign 08-10
    Completed Campaign Missions 11-13 Campaign 11-13
    Completed Campaign Missions 14-16 Campaign 14-16
    Completed Campaign Missions 17-19 Campaign 17-19
    Completed Campaign Missions 20-22 Campaign 20-22
    Completed Campaign Missions 23-25 Campaign 23-25
    Completed Campaign Missions 26-27 Campaign 26-27
    Completed Armed Recon Missions 01-03 Armed Recon 01-03
    Completed Armed Recon Missions 04-06 Armed Recon 04-06
    Completed Armed Recon Missions 07-09 Armed Recon 07-09
    Completed Armed Recon Missions 10-12 Armed Recon 10-12
    Completed Armed Recon Missions 13-15 Armed Recon 13-15
    Completed Eagle's Nest Missions 01-05 Eagle's Nest 01-05
    Completed Eagle's Nest Missions 06-10 Eagle's Nest 06-10
    Completed Eagle's Nest Missions 11-15 Eagle's Nest 11-15
    Completed Eagle's Nest Missions 16-20 Eagle's Nest 16-20
    Played on Xbox Live War Medal

    Contributed by: Asch The Hated 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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