Ooga Booga Cheats For Dreamcast

  1. Control Victory Stance

    At the Victory and Game Ranking Screens, the winner of the round and leader of the match will appear on the screen. If you're one of them, you can control your victory stance/taunt by pressing any of the face buttons [(A), (B), (X), and (Y)].

    Contributed by: NTsui 

  2. Unlock More Masks Without Codes

    Play a game in all three modes (Boar Polo, Smakahuna, and Rodeo) in Offline Skirmish to unlock Level 2 Masks.

    Play Online in any mode enough times to unlock the other masks.

    Code Effect
    Play All Three Offline Modes Level 2 Masks
    Win in Three Online Battles Level 3 Masks
    Win in Nine Online Battles Level 4 Masks
    Win in Fifteen Online Battles Level 5 Masks

    Contributed by: HumanHead 

  3. Code Menu Password

    Enter these codes in code section of the options menu.

    Code Effect
    kaboom Unlike Mine Spell
    ahousedivided Unlock Abe
    dothehustle Unlock Disco Dude
    heightchallenged Unlock Dwarf
    blarneystone Unlock Leprechaun
    warezwrong Unlock Pirate
    secretidentity Unlock Superguy
    salmonmouse Unlock Death
    porkchop Unlock Boar
    idolatry Unlock Tikis
    aviary Unlock Bird
    saddleup Unlock Rodeo
    trickshot Unlock Boarpolo
    icheat Unlock Level 2 Masks
    thereforeiam Unlock Level 3 Masks
    soveryvery Unlock Level 4 Masks
    weakandsad Unlock Level 5 Masks
    strikeamatch Unlock Fireball
    kilowatts Unlock Lightning Bolt
    dodgethis Unlock Homing Head
    blowhard Unlock Tornado
    stormyweather Unlock Lightning Cloud
    igotnoskillz Unlock Everything Except Meteor Spell
    iminfrance Open All Tribal Trial Missions
    strengthno View Tribal Trial Completion Sequence

    Contributed by: Pirate`s Keg 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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