Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams Cheats For PS2

  1. Unlocking modes

    Beat normal to get another mode and more modes.

    Code Effect
    Complete Normal Mode Hard mode
    Complete Hard Mode Oni Mode
    Complete Oni mode Ultra Oni mode

    Contributed by: Cantius 

  2. Secret Costumes (Japanese Version)

    Code Effect
    Finish all the Test of Valor 1st Set of Secret Costumes
    Finish all the Test of Valor with Gold Ranking for all 2nd Set of Secret Costumes
    Beat the game with all 10 Oni Charms. 3 Set of Clothing

    Contributed by: Naraku 

  3. Unlock Onimusha Arena

    To unlock this mode, beat the game on normal. It should appear in the 'Special' menu on the title screen afterwards.

    Contributed by: Kilvoctu-san 

  4. Unlock 2-Player mode

    At the title screen, both players hold R1+R2+L1+L2. Then the 2nd player press START, and there will have sound effect if the code is entered successfully

    Contributed by: kyutlryu 

  5. Street Fighter Costumes

    On the menu screen, select 'Special' and leave the cursor on the word exit and enter these codes:

    Code Effect
    Left, Triangle, R2, R3, Square, R1, R1, Right, Left, L2 Gives Soki Ryu's costume
    L2, L2, Right, Right, L3, Triangle, Left, L1, L2, Square Gives Jubei Cammy's costume
    R3, Right, L2, Left, Left, R3, L1, R1, Right, R3 Gives Ohatsu Chun-Li's costume
    R2, L2, Left, L1, Left, Right, R3, Square, Square, Triangle Gives Roberto Guile's costume
    L3, L3, R3, R3, R3, Left, R2, L1, Square, Right Gives Tenkai Ken's costume

    Contributed by: XxGhaleonxX 

  6. Joke weapons

    On the menu screen, select 'Special' and leave the cursor on the word exit and enter these codes. When you start or load your next game, the weapons should be in your inventory:

    Code Effect
    L2, Square, Triangle, R1, R1, R3, Left, Square, L1, Triangle Gives Soki a Steel Pipe
    L1, R1, Right, L2, Triangle, Right, L1, Right, L3, R1 Gives Jubei a Racket
    Right, Triangle, Left, L3, L1, Triangle, Square, R2, Square, R2 Gives Ohatsu a Piggy Bank
    Triangle, R3, Triangle, Right, R1, L3, Triangle, L1, Right, L3 Gives Roberto Boxing Gloves
    R2, R3, Square, Left, Left, Right, L2, Left, R2, Left Gives Tenkai a Microphone Stand

    Contributed by: XxGhaleonxX 

  7. Unlock arena mode

    On the menu screen, select 'Special' and leave the cursor on the word exit and enter
    Square, L1, R2, Square, Left, L1, L2, L3, Right, Triangle

    Contributed by: Kyme 

  8. Street Fighter Costumes (PAL version)

    These button codes are for the PAL version only.

    Select Special from the Main Menu and input the following codes to unlock the Special 3 (Street Fighter) costumes.

    Code Effect
    R1, Square, R1, Left, Triangle, R2, R3, Right, Left, L2 Unlocks Soki's Ryu outfit
    Square, L1, R1, R3, Left, Triangle, R1, Square, Triangle, L2 Unlocks Jubei's Cammy outfit
    L2, L2, L3, Triangle, Left, Right, Right, L1, L2, Square Unlocks Ohatsu's Chun-Li outfit
    Left, R3, Right, Left, R3, L1, L2, R1, Right, R3 Unlocks Roberto's Guile outfit
    L2, R2, Left, Right, R3, Left, L1, Square, Square, Triangle Unlocks Tenkai's Ken outfit

    Contributed by: ShadowArc 

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