Onimusha 3: Demon Siege Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Find the Bishamon Sword

    Before your last encounter with Nobunaga, go to the save point at the bottom of the stairs to the temple. Look to your upper left. The crazy hanging man is right there. Move a little closer and you'll be, once again, warped to the demon world. Here, you'll have to find 8 red orbs to unlock the chest. Once you do, The Bishamon sword is yours.

  2. Fast Life Recovery

    When you have Ako's White Vest equiped rotate the right analog stick and your life will replenish at least 2 times faster.

  3. Infinite souls for Jacques

    When you pass the battle where Samanosuke is controlling the Oni army and enter the outer keep for the castle, walk over to the left until you can see Jacques up close and nothing else. Equip Ako with the red vest and start absorbing souls with your gauntlet. The Oni soldiers in the same area will continue to fight and defeat the continuously spawned Genma soldiers. It is important not to stop absorbing the souls, because with each soul absorbed will add to the multiplier bonus for number absorbed.

  4. Unlock mini games

    Complete the game while achieving the following requirement will unlock mini games. You can select the mini games from the menu once you unlock them.

    Code Effect
    Finish the game once on any difficulty Heihachi Buraiden
    Finish game once on 'Normal' difficulty Shooting mini game
    Complete all puzzles in the normal game Puzzle mini game
    Complete normal training mode once and unlock it after finishing the game Secret training mode
  5. Extra modes/difficulties

    Unlock extra difficulties by completing the following requirements.

    Code Effect
    'Game Over' three times in normal mode, and easy mode will be unlocked Easy mode
    Complete the game on normal mode once Hard mode
    Complete Issen mode once Devilish/Oni Hard mode
    Complete game on hard mode once Issen mode
    Complete the shooting mini game Ultimate mode
  6. Costume Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Finish game once with best ranking(Onimusha). Michelle's secret costume
    Complete the Secret training mode Panda costume
    Have an Onimusha Buraiden saved file in your memory card Samanosuke Special Outfit #2
    Complete the game with Samanosuke having higher marks than Jacques. Special Costume #1 for Samanosuke
    Complete the game with Jacques wearing his special costume. Alternate Method for Samanosuke's Special Costume #1
    Complete the game with Jacques having higher marks than Samanosuke. Special Costume for Jacques
    Complete the game with Samanosuke wearing his special costume #1. Alternate Method for Jacques' Special Costume
    Start game with an Onimusha Blade Warriors/Buraiden save file to unlock Samanosuke's Panda costume at the start of the game. Panda Costume
  7. True Ending

    Code Effect
    Get all Haori for Ako True Ending
  8. Secret weapons

    To unlock the three maxed weapons from Onimusha 1, complete the game once while achieving the following requirements. And you should start a new game with the three secret weapons which will be found at the same street where Samanosuke first transfer into the future. Remember, you still need to finish the game after you meet the requirements. At the end, you will unlock them. And you can use them from the next new game and on.

    Code Effect
    Simply collect the 3 key items from just the Phantom Realms at Underwater Temple and Mont St. Michel. The three swords from Onimusha 1
  9. Unlockable Titles

    There are certain titles that can be attained for exceptional performance during the game. These titles will appear under the grade you earn.

    Code Effect
    Kill 3,000 or more enemies. Offense
    Finish the game in 5:00 or less. Speed
    Find the 23 Tengu treasure chests. Explorer
    Use Criticals to kill 40% of your enemies. Critical
    Finish the game without ever saving. Bravery
    Take less than 5,120 damage. Defense
  10. Michelle's Second Alternate Costume

    Code Effect
    Complete the game with an Onimusha rank. Alternately, play the game with a memory card with a saved game from Onimusha: Blade Warriors. Michelle's Second Alternate Costume
  11. The Adventures of Heihachi

    Complete the game and this new mode will open up, enabling you to play as Heihachi.

    Code Effect
    Complete the game The Adventures of Heihachi

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Onimusha 3: Demon Siege Cheats For PC

  1. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Beat the game on normal mode. Michelle's alternate costume
    Beat the game with Onimusha rank. Michelle's second alternate costume
    Beat the game on normal mode. Jacuqe's alternate costume
    Complete the secret training mode. Panda costume
    Beat the game on normal mode. Hard mode
    Beat the game on Hard mode. Issen mode
    Beat the game on Issen mode. Oni Hard mode
    Clear the Oni shooting mini-game. Ultimate mode
    Clear the game with all three items from the Phantom Realms. Original Onimusha swords (new game)
    Beat the game with Onimusha rank. Bishamon sword
    Have Jacque go through the Phantom Realm in Honnouji. Oni Musou
    Beat the game once. Adventures of Heihachi mode
    Solve all puzzles in the game. Genma Puzzle mini-game
    Beat the game on normal mode. Oni Shooting mini-game
    Beat the game with the normal training mode cleared. Secret training mode
    Clear the Issen training. Ako's Black Haori
  2. Awards

    Code Effect
    Beat the game without saving. Bravery
    Defeat more than 40% enemies by using critical. Critical
    Get damage lesser than 5120. Defense
    Find all 23 Tengu chests. Explorer
    Kill more than 3000 enemies. Offense
    Have a completion time of less than 5:00:00. Speed

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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