The game is good but could've been better.

Crash Bandicoot! Yes, we all know and love him on Playstation. This was his farwell Playstation parade by making a fun Mario Party clone called Crash Bash. The story is quite simple: Aku Aku and Uka Uka want to see which side is better so they have a competition. The adventure mode is great. Tons of mini-games like on foot battling, a gain the most points on your pogo stick game, Tank war and a annoying racing game(Which will get on your nerves due to the control scheme). You get to pick a selection of Crash characters from the Crash universe but there could be more you know? You'll really have a party if you have 3 more friends over. This game should appeal to a younger audience or even some teens to adults. The music is good and everything. Pick this game up, other than the annoying race game and limited characters, this game should be fun

Good: Fun mini-games, great multi-player

Bad: Annoying Race game and limited characters