A new, creative and DIFFERENT chapter in the Metroid Saga: Just FANTASTIC

This game is a new chapter in the Metroid and the only Metroid game in GBA, not considering Zero Mission.

The story is simple. Strange reports are coming from a planet and Samus Aran is sent ot investigate. On her arrival, she is attacked by a strange specimen called the X something (long time since I played it). Anyway, to save Samus they free her of her armor (which is infected) adn release it to space. Yet now, Samus has changed and she has gained a new ability. She can absorb the X "germ" to increase attributes. Yet, the planet in where the X germs lie has also changed, and Samus' infected armor pieces have mutated into strange beings, and now, Samus has to stop this...

Treachery, adventure, deception and the chance to face Samus X lie in every part of this game.

The game is simple. You can shoot and jump at the beginning, yet what's different is that you can absorb the different mutated forms of the X germand the more advanced abilities like the famous morph ball must be winned by beating the mutated forms of Samus' armor.

Graphics:Typical of GBA. Very good.

Sound: Fun and in touch with the game.

The Ending is Spectacular

This game must be played by all the Metroid Fans and all of the people that want to have a fantastic time. This game rules.