This is one of those titles that you just wont understand how fun it is until you get it yourself and try it out.

I liked this game very much. It was a very fun mix of First Person Shooters and somewhat platforming. What makes this game stand out from other FPS is that you have the ability to switch from first person mode and third person. That is when it becomes a platformer . With all the acrobatic moves that you can do in this game it feels like a mixture of both genres. The action is very fast paced in this game and that is what makes it a very fun game. The game single player is very fun. The story is set in a futuristic enviroment where warriors from all over the galaxy come to fight in a tournament. The winner will be given their own city to rule over. One thing that makes this game very fun is the mutli player matches. You will find the usual deathmatches, capture the flag , and etc... You can even take the action on to xbox live and play against people all over the world. This is a very fun game I had a nice time with it and i think that you will also.