Zombie Slayering? US or 'bust'. Get it, bust!

User Rating: 9 | Oneechanbara Revolution WII
I am glad to see that this game is exactly how I thought it would be, with a few disappointments regarding the other content you get from its XBox 360 sister.


The graphics are as they said, some what of a good Gamecube game's graphics but it still looks good. Zombies are a bit squared but if you stand still enough to notice, you are not playing the game. The environment is decent enough. Very reminiscent of a Resident Evil game with less mess. The main characters look good. As you fight you can see the progression of the blood staining on the girls and the fatigue. Overall I would say that the graphics are at the higher end of the Wii graphics spectrum.

Game Play

I can see where people may be worried about the gameplay. It is very A to B and repetitive but if you know what your buying then its the game for you. As you go you gain levels and set records which I enjoy. Its always fun to try and set the record.
Also there are many other modes besides the story line (in which both main characters have a separate storyline). There are many quests to complete which allows you to unlock outfits for all the girls.
In freeplay, you can play cooperatively on a vertical screen which may become difficult because there is a lack of side-to-side view but it is fun to slash together.


As for the rating being mature. I'm glad. its a breath of fresh air to have another game like this on the Wii roster. I am all for family values but sometimes its okay to be yourself.
The girls are hot as the promos and videos say. The gore is a nice touch, especially when you get chased by a pair of legs.


This is a great game. I love the raw action, mysterious story line and the incredible looking babes who just happen to be apart of it. I only hope that Wii gamers will get to experience the beginning of this story in Bikini Samuri Squad eventually. Go buy this and enjoy!