Not as bad but still below average.

User Rating: 4 | Oneechanbara vorteX: Imichi o Tsugu Monotachi X360
Well. Not as bad as reviewers said but this game is below average indeed. Fun to play in coop but the thing that some missions are 1p only kinda ruins the pace because other player got to "sit this one out". The game is kinda generic but fun if you don't want to load your brain too much (when relaxing after work for example). It is just a simple beat'em up for fun while drinking or simply relaxing. Dressing up girls is fun too. Leveling system is good enough though first time you play you probably would want to stick with power only. Story will be understood only by those who know already the plot of the manga or whatever the game is based on (I just don't know). Also camera issues and inability to set the split screen to horizontal mode rather than vertical kinda ruins the mood.
In conclusion - not AS bad as in reviews but still below average.