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Game has been out on retail disc in EU for 2 days now, and on PSN for USA for the same amount of time.

So, review fukin where?

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The gameplay is a lot of button masshing with no strategy against the weak mobs. Its like dynasty warriors for the most part, however most of the bosses are fun and require you to think before attcking, and more then a few will own you. The way the story is presented is good but cuts out alot of stuff from the animie so if you havent watched it you may get confused at some points. The combat is very fun and the characters have completley different play styles and comabt styles. I haven't played multiplayer much just a couple rounds which is a sort of capture the territory coop, to open new areas and eventually the boss. there dosent seem to be competitive play (I.e. you against another person) hopefully they add this in dlc which they have coming. overall i would give it a 7.5 out of 10. Its enjoyable and fun but can get boring after a while when dealing with all of the mobs. If you like the anime you will like this game otherwise I would wait for the price to drop. On a side note the fact that they covered most of the 600 episodes is impressive and the scope of it is really worth the money if you enjoy one piece.