Once Upon a Knight Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Mode

    Hit [enter] and type KnightCheater, then hit [enter] again. To activate one of the cheats below hit [enter] and type in one of the following codes. Hit [enter] again to activate it.

    Code Effect
    drinkmoremilk [number] Sets milk to indicated number
    milkypower Full health for selected units
    setmaxmoney [number] Changes maximum money amount
    teleportunit 1 Teleports selected unit
    follow Follows the selected unit
    firerain Firerain across map
    gotovalhalla Kills selected unit
    plague Kills everything on the screen
    fog Restores fog
    beautifulworld Removes fog
    eagleeye Removes fog in viewable area only
    magicglasses Shows enemy units
    playmusic [number] Plays music
    endmission Ends Mission

    Contributed by: eli0918